About Us

Snehagiri Missionary Sisters is an indigenous religious community in the Syro-Malabar Church with a Specific Charism of Witnessing the compassionate love of Jesus among the poor and abandoned, deriving spiritual power and strength from the Holy Eucharist. Inspired by the words of Jesus Christ “Whenever you did this for one of the least important of these brothers of mine, you did it for me” (Mt. 25:40), the religious community of the Snehagiri (SMS) was founded in the diocese of Palai on 24th May 1969 by Rev. Fr. Abraham Kaippanplackal.

St. Thomas Province

The tree of Snehagiri sprouted and branched out. St. Thomas  Province Pala,  the  1st  province of the  congregation of Snehagiri Missionary Sisters is officially  inaugurated  on  3rd   March 2008. The province is  spread in the  dioceses, Pala, Changanacherry, Trivandrum, Mavelikkara, Pathanamthitta and in Sangli Mission in Kalyan diocese. Thereafter, 4  provincial chapters were  held. Sr. Saumitha was the first Provincial Superior of St. Thomas Province. She was eleced for second term of three years. In the next two Provincial Synaxis, Sr. Archana was elcted as the provincial.  Different  provincial teams headed by these efficient Provincials,  guided  the province  according  to the  wonderful  plan  of the  Almighty God.

St. Thomas Province  is  the  mother province  of the  congregation providing  personals and  most  needy  assistants. The charism of Snehagiri sprouted and  grown up rooted in Pala and thus St. Thomas Province and her apostolic services remains as inspiration and boost to the tradition and culture of Snehagiri in to the other provinces and region.

The apostolate of this  province is the upliftment of the least section of the society by running  Homes for the destitutes, Cancer Care Homes, Social work, Parish work, Education, Press Ministry and the  sisters  are  rendering  wonderful services in  various Ecclesial bodies like, Pastoral Institute, Office of diocesan press etc. A large number of  sisters are dedicated themselves in the service of the poor. This  Province  has   13 Old Age Home,  5 Homes for children, 3 Homes for physically Challenged, 5 Home for Differently Abled, 3 Home for Mentally sick and  1 Special School.  There are 39 convents in St. Thomas Province.

The sisters of our province are doing service in the three rites of Catholic Church in Kerala- Syro- Malabar, Syro- Malankara and Latin. There are 33 houses in Syro Malabar rite and the houses are extended  in Pala, Chanaganacherry and Kalyan diocese in Maharastra. The 6 houses in Syro – Malankara diocese is spread out in Trivandrum, Mavelikkara and Pathanamthitta dioceses. The sisters of Santhinilayam Yendayar do service in the Latin parish at Yendayar in Vijayapuram diocese.

The presence and  activities of sisters in the province could bring radical improvements in educational, cultural and  social aspects of  various villages in  Kerala and Maharastra. The province celebrate  its Province day on 3rd July.  At present the province has 221 members in 39 Communities and in houses of abroad. By honoring all the  previous  Provincial Superiors and  thanking  the  Lord  with  ardent  love  and  gratitude, we owe to God the almighty for the successful journey of this province which  continues.