Cancer Care Centre
Cancer in the most spreading threat of the era. The Cancer Care Home are blessing for patients who come from very distant places  for the treatment in Regional Cancer Centre and Medical College. Our sisters are working in the Cancer  Care Centres in order to give accommodation facilities for the cancer patients  who are very poor and come for the treatment. The rooms are given to the patients as well as the food is provided to the patients and bystanders. At present we are serving in 2 such homes in  Thiruvananthapuram. – Swanthanam under the Arch diocese of Trivandrum and Lourde Matha Cancer Care Centre run by Archdiocese of Changanacherry. Above all the sisters are available to this depressed patients through counselling and prayers. The comforting presence of the sisters impart hope and solace to the patients as well as their families. 
Vocational Training Units 
Diffferent training centres have started in our Province at Alpho Craft Centre, Pala. There is a  host making unit, cassock tailoring centre and the centre for religious garments and vestments.  It promotes job facilities and it is a main relief to the poor families in the colony neighbouring the home. For running these  institution our Province has a specific aim. That is to create different job facilities to the under developed women and assist them to secure their future by earning income to their families.
Women Empowerment Programmes
The most important strategy adopted for empowering women is organizing women through Self Help Groups. It is an effective means for saving and credit, starting income generation activities and taking up social action for solving the problems of the community.  Skill Training for Income Generation is done in the parishes like Yendayar, Changankary, Kozhuvanal through tailoring centres and animal rearing . The women from the poor families find a way of life and income through the training they receive here. Also in the rural villages in remote areas of Trivandrum, the sisters help the women to be self sufficient and earning members through various training programmes like agriculture, animal rearing, tailoring, SH groups etc. In Sangli Mission, sisters visit 5 villages where they empower the women through SH groups, LIC and awareness programmes.  
Davis Nagar Colony
It is an important part of the ministry of our province. The colony is adjoining to our first home, Snehalayam. From the beginning of the congregation, the poor families of the village are supported and empowered by the dedicated service of the sisters. Every year two sisters are appointed as the in charge of this colony. They conduct awareness programmes, spiritual guidance, counselling, medical camps, special seminars for the children, women and alcoholic addicts. Sisters regularly visit the hoe. Many of them were leading immoral life and  the family set up was very weak at first. But the continuous prayer and enthusiastic actions of the sisters made the families more strong, moral and healthy. Every Wednesday the members of the colony assemble in the auditorium  made for them and expert spiritual leaders, priests and evangelisers lead classes and prayers there. It has a soothing effect on the pathetic life of the poor people  in the colony. The incessant visit, guidance and prayers of the sisters made many drunkards to give up their weak point and to become more careful and responsible about their families. 
Awareness Programmes
Some of our sisters are devoted to conduct seminars, and classes to educate the public about the different issues of the age. Health orientation classes, Empowerment programme, Family build up, adolescence, youth empowerment are the main topics for these seminars. Sisters give awareness to children and youth through vacation camps. Sisters visits schools, parishes, organizations  and give awareness programmes through classes, media presentations and counselling. All section of people are made consentize  about the threatening facts of odern world and a great desire for true Christian family life is created, through classes, audio-visual programmes and counselling. Through all these activities, the sisters give guidance to all the people without considering their caste or religion. 
Safe Future of Children
The children who are brought up in our Boys Towns and Girls Towns are given a safe future through the support of many generous people. After the primary studies the very poor and destitute children are given training in professional courses and make them efficient to build up a safe future through that. Besides the sisters give importance in the making of their families. Many of the children passed out of our homes  are given in marriage to suitable bridegrooms and continuously keep contact with them in guiding them to make better family life. Sometimes they are gathered together to share their experiences and sorrows. They visit these homes as coming back to their mother house.  Many of our children are in a good living situation and they share a part of their earnings with the children at present living in these homes.
The present world is in the grip of tension and worries. Here the essential need in someone to hear the persons. Some of our sisters are skilled in counselling and they spend their time for helping the people in their problems personal and in families. They visit homes and give them guidance and prayers for making the people relaxed and cheerful.