Pastoral service is an important aspect of the charism of Snehagiri. Wherever a new house of Snehagiri is started we engage in the pastoral activities of the parish together with the priests there. We actively take part in the liturgy, catechism, home mission, animate different groups like CYML, SMYM, Mathryjyothi, Credit union etc. House visiting is a special feature of our parish work.


Faith Formation


The ultimate aim of  of Christian Formation is to instate  Jesus Christ in the heart of all the people all over the world. It is the duty of the selected ones to proclaim the Word of God whether the time is favourable or unfavourable (2Tim.4,2). All our apostolate are directed to this aim. We aim to convince  the people of God about their mission and empower them to become messengers of pine love in their own surroundings. Our founder father paved a path of faith formation through his life  and witnessing.  We continue this spirit through proclamation of the Word, Catechism, apostolate  of parish, renewal of family, healing ministry, charitable activities and publications.


Proclamation of the Word of God


The first mission  of a religious is the proclamation of the kingdom of God. We try to proclaim the Essential message of Jesus - God is our loving and compassionate Father. Following the footsteps of our founder, we have taken the responsibility to lead the people of God to true faith in the light of the Gospel, empowered by the Holy spirit.  For this evangelisation call, the sisters are conducting seminars, retreats and counselling in parishes and schools.




The Church entrusts a special mission to the consecrated persons to teach Catechism (Catechesis in our time,1979,General directory for Catechesis,1979).Through catechesis we aim to enable the people of God  to lead a life rooted in faith, love and knowledge about God. The sisters working in parishes are giving atmost importance in the proper training to the children in the faith formation.    



Family Apostolate


The heart of a church is its parishes and families. The focus of our faith formation ministry is parishes and families. We work for the total progress of the parish in co-operation with the parish priest. Our local houses are places of refuge for the parishioners in their need. 

We pay special attention to the faith formation of domestic church through home mission. A group of sisters is set apart for visiting the houses regularly and give the people support and help.